电竞竞猜官网Understanding and appreciating diversity is one of Penn's most important priorities and is fundamental to success in today's world.

Diversity at Penn

电竞竞猜官网“The diversity of our university must reflect the diversity of the world around it — and the diversity of the world that we want our students to lead.” —Penn President Amy Gutmann

Campaign for Community

电竞竞猜官网The Campaign for Community aims to strengthen our Penn community by finding ways to discuss and understand key issues that may appear to be difficult or intractable.


电竞竞猜官网A list of academic programs across Penn schools that advance Penn’s goal of achieving excellence through diversity.

News and information about initiatives that advance the University-wide goal of impacting an array of individuals and communities at home and around the world.

A list of programs that support and enrich the intellectual, cultural, and social diversity of Penn’s campus

Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs

Affirmative Action Website

电竞竞猜官网A list of undergraduate and graduate student organizations that ensure inclusion and diversity within specific Penn schools.

A list of resource offices, committees, organizations, and groups which support, encourage, and advocate for diverse members of the Penn community.

The History of Diversity at Penn
The history of diversity at Penn as conveyed in the short documentary film, “Towards Inclusion: Diversity at Penn.”