Spiritual & Religious

The many spiritual and religious organizations on campus provide a wealth of opportunities to practice faith and fellowship within supportive, welcoming communities.

Spirituality & Religion at Penn

The Office of the Chaplain is the central source for information about religious life on campus, local houses of worship, community service programming, the Religious Activities Common, and pastoral counseling.

Chaplain Website

Student Religious Organizations

Below is a partial list of student religious organizations. Visit the Office of the Chaplain Student Organizations page电竞竞猜官网 for a complete list.

电竞竞猜官网The Christian Association at Penn is an ecumenical resource that advocates for cultural diversity, interfaith education, and peacemaking.

Penn Hillel is a welcoming campus Jewish community where students celebrate Jewish life, explore Jewish ideas, and build community.

Penn HSC/YJA was started in the fall of 1999 as a University-wide organization with a goal to create an awareness of the Hindu and Jain faiths on campus.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide.

Founded in 1980 by Rabbi Menachem and Chava Schmidt, the Chabad Lubavitch House at Penn is a Chabad on Campus organization, offering deep insights into the heritage of the Jewish people.

The Penn Muslim Students Association seeks to strengthen the Muslim community at Penn and the greater Philadelphia area and create meaningful relationships with other student groups on campus through interfaith initiatives.

电竞竞猜官网As a group focused on ministry, the New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir celebrates and shares their faith through musical performances at and around the University.

电竞竞猜官网The Penn Catholic Student Association was formed to provide a University-sponsored forum for Catholic community service and dialogue on faith and social justice.

The Newman Center participates in the mission of the universal Roman Catholic Church at Penn and in West Philadelphia.

Penn Cru is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to Bible study and nurturing a supportive faith-based community.

PRISM is a student interfaith group dedicated to advancing knowledge about religious life and promoting interaction among the various religious groups on campus.